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RAM 2018: "Walk-Man Humanoid Robot: Field Experiments in a Post-earthquake Scenario (Amatrice)"

Humanoids 2017: "Vision-Based Foothold Contact Reasoning using Curved Surface Patches"

IROS 2017: "Object-Based Affordances Detection with CNN and Dense CRF"

WALK-MAN Project Review: Affordance-Based Pilot Interface

Humanoids 2016: "An Affordance-Based Pilot Interface for High-Level Control of Humanoid Robots in Supervised Autonomy"

Humanoids 2016: "An Active Compliant Impact Protection System for Humanoids: Application to WALK-MAN Hands"

IJHR 2017: "Visual Grasp Affordance Localization in Point Clouds using Curved Contact Patches"

IROS'17: "HERI Hand"

ICRA 2018: Online Falling Over control of Humanoids

Fall Prediction of Humanoids

WALK-MAN humanoid robot: a manipulation framework for Debris Removal

Walkman picks object on the ground in simulation

Walkman first offline walking experiment

WALk-MAN Simulation Videos

Humanoid Running Based on Centroidal Dynamics and Heuristic Foot Placement

A Torque-controlled Humanoid Robot Riding on a Two-wheeled Mobile Platform

Walking under different disturbances

Attitude Controller Experiments on Walkman

Dynamic and Reactive Walking for Humanoid Robots based on Foot Placement Control

Robust Model Predictive Control for Humanoids Standing Balancing

IROS'16: " Experimental Results on Multi-Contact Interaction with the Walk-Man Robot"

IROS'16: "Preparatory Object Reorientation for Task-Oriented Grasping"

IROS'16: "Detecting Object Affordances with Convolutional Neural Networks"

WALK-MAN DRC Video Collection

Self Collision Avoidance constraint during Tele-Operation

OpenSoT: a Whole-Body Control Library for the Compliant Humanoid Robot COMAN

Comparison between a CoM based walking and a Pelvis based walking while moving the arm.

DRC Challenge Team Walkman Timelapse

DRC Preparation WALKMAN Garage Timelapse

Meet the humanoid bot made to tackle emergency situations

Optically-Regulated Impedance-Based Balancing for Humanoid Robots (COMAN)

WALK-MAN robot using Handle Detection to Grasp a Novel Object

Walkman robot rejecting external disturbances

Balancing strategies using simplified models on Walkman robot

Balancing strategies using simplified models on COMAN robot

Reactive stepping from standing posture and reactive walking plus an attitude stabilizer

Dynamic and Reactive Walking for Humanoid Robots based on Foot Placement Control

Exploiting the Redundancy for Humanoid Robots to Dynamically Step Over a Large Obstacle

Stabilization of Bipedal Walking Based on Compliance Control

IROS 2015: "Online Regeneration of Bipedal Walking Gait Optimizing Footstep Placement and Timing"

Inverse Dynamics, different demonstrations

RSS'14: "Robust and agile 3D biped walking with steering capability using a footstep predictive approach"

ICRA'14: "Varsatile and Robust Walking with the Humanoids Robot Atlas: a Model Predictive Control Approach"

Validation of Whole-Body Loco-Manipulation Affordances for Pushability and Liftability

IIT robot WALKMAN ready for the DARPA Robotics Challenge 2015

An Attractor-based Whole-Body Motion Control (WBMC) System for Humanoid Robots