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Federico Moro

IIT Post Doc - WALK-MAN Communication and Divulgation Coordinator

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  • Genova
  • Italy

Miscellaneous Information

Federico Lorenzo Moro is with the Department of Advanced Robotics, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). He received his Bachelor’s degree (2007) and Master’s degree (2010) in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, and his Master’s degree (2010) in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago, with theses on control and energy optimization of locomotion of the humanoid robot LARP, in collaboration also with the Robotics Laboratory, Institute Mihailo Pupin, Belgrade.

In 2011 he joined IIT as a PhD Fellow, where he is working on the motion control of the COmpliant huMANoid robot COMAN. His current research includes the work on the kinematic Motion Primitives (kMPs), aimed at transferring human skills to the COMAN robot, and the development of a Whole-Body Motion Control (WBMC) system for humanoid robots, in collaborative research with the Honda Research Institute.

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FP7 European Project

frameworks programme 7 EU European Community WALK-MAN is funded under the European Community's 7th Framework Programme: FP7-ICT 611832. Cognitive Systems and Robotics: FP7-ICT-2013-10